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Great Places to Take Summer Visitors

Will this summer find you hosting guests from afar? When you’ve spent enough time barbecuing on the patio or lounging by the pool, have a few excursions planned to show your visitors some of the best places in the Hanover area and beyond. Read on for a few of our favorite places to show off to visitors.

7 for the Road: Fun Family Activities!

Is your next family road trip approaching? Fear not! These games and activities will please everyone in the car and bust traffic boredom. Car trips can be long and hot in the summer, but when all the passengers are engaged in an activity together, time passes more quickly. In fact, you may even appreciate the journey to your destination as valuable family-bonding time. Safe travels!

4 Exotic Summer Vacation Ideas

Summer is here, and with it usually comes an itch to travel. If you’re eager to embrace your wanderlust but unsure where to go, we can help. We’ve compiled a list of four exotic travel locations to curb your travel hunger. Start packing—we’ve got you covered.

Home Alone: Preparing Your House for Sitters

While people are travelling for summer vacations, a lot of homes are left empty. That’s more opportunities for break-ins, property damage and theft. Hiring a housesitter helps keep your home fires burning and the burglars at bay. However, you’ll want to address these items first before handing over the keys to your personal kingdom.

Add a Little Excitement to Your Life’s Travels

Want to be happier? Then, according to Psychology Today, you should try your hand at a risky activity. Adventurous activities that cause you a little anxiety can help you feel more alive and in tune with your world. If you’ve been searching for an activity to break up your boring routine of work, sleep, work, then check out the following recommendations.

4 Midwest Adventures for Mental Rejuvenation & Natural Healing

Lounging under a canopy of trees with the sunshine streaming through or adventuring down a Wisconsin river on a thrilling whitewater rafting trip can be just what you need to unwind and recharge. Sharing the company of Mother Nature is one of the best ways to find respite and replenish a depleted self. Here are four destinations in the beautiful Midwest to flee reality and restoring mind, body and soul.

Hot Vacation Spots!

Have you been wondering where to take your next vacation? We’ve looked at a few of the most popular vacations spots worth visiting both in and out of the country. Read on to find out where your next trip should take you, and why!

7 Tips on Driving in Poor Weather Conditions: Do’s and Don’ts

Winter is here, and we’ve seen just the start of what’s shaping up to be an old-fashioned New England winter, complete with snowstorms, sleet, and icy roads that make driving dangerous. Follow our seven tips to make sure you’re driving your safest in poor conditions.

Save Money Together for a Special Family Vacation!

Vacations are a wonderful way for family members to come together and bond. New memories are made, and family ties are strengthened. However, saving money for a family trip can be difficult, and this is especially true if you are already on a tight budget. But if you follow our tips below, you can start saving for that special vacation, and we know you will come up with even better ideas for helping the whole family save up for that much-needed trip and time together.

Day Trip to Boston

Just a two-hour drive from Hanover, New Hampshire and the Connecticut River Valley, Boston is a great city to visit for a day trip with friends or family. Rich in our country’s history and culture, Boston has much to offer tourists. There are plenty of things to do and places to visit, rain or shine, and wonderful restaurants where you can sample just about whatever kind of food you’re in the mood for. If the weather is on your side, you may not even need to use public transportation (“the T”) because this city was made for walking. There’s more than enough to do and see in Boston to fill a few day trips. Here are just a few suggestions.