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Five Seasonal and Super Gifts for a Host

Whether you are attending an elegant, candlelit feast or a BBQ bash at the lake, a gift for your host is always thoughtful and appreciated. While the easy way out is often a bottle of wine, it’s easy to choose a gift that’s different and just as welcome. Choose from the gifts below or use them as a springboard for your own creative solutions, or mix and match to create a bundle that will be sure to delight. Just remember that, most importantly, your gift should be a joy and a treat—not a burden that will distract from the party or add to your host’s busy preparations. Keep in mind your host’s tastes and you are guaranteed to please.

Top Sites for Getting the Best Deals

It’s safe to say that everyone loves a good deal, and considering that we are still recovering from the effects of the last big economic downturn, it’s smart to be on the lookout for the best bargains. With the cost of living rising and most of our salaries failing to keep pace, hunting for great deals has become a daily practice for many. Fortunately, over the past decade or so many resources have surfaced to make our search faster and easier. Nowadays, you can find a bargain for pretty much anything—from technology to home decor and fitness memberships to meals. How can you capitalize on the best deals out there? Read on to find out.

4 Contemporary Design Trends to Lighten Up Your New Year

Use simple fixes to take your home from ho-hum and dreary to light, bright and fantastic. Start the new year with sparkle by coaxing elusive sunlight inside, and directing it around your space. Begin with airy treatments that highlight — rather than hide — your windows, and finish with the addition of new and trendy lighting fixtures to lighten up all the dark corners lurking inside your home.

Black Friday: Finding the Best Deals

Black Friday is approaching (cue the theme from Jaws). If you plan to brave the crowds, it’s not too soon to plot out a strategy for finding the best deals! With a little planning, you’ll be sure to successfully navigate the chaos and make the most of this traditional kickoff to holiday shopping. Here are some great tips.

How to Pick the Perfect Strand of Pearls

Pearls are among the most timeless and classic of all gems. Throughout history, they have been associated with wisdom, wealth, purity, and romance. Natural pearls start out as a grain of sand or another microscopic particle that settles inside an oyster. The oyster’s natural defense mechanism against this invader is to secret a smooth, hard substance called nacre. When layers and layers of nacre build upon each other, they harden to ultimately form a pearl. Do all pearl strands look the same to you and leave you wondering why some are so much more expensive than others? You’re not alone; they look the same to many people. But there are many different kinds of pearls with different characteristics that determine their values. Read on to learn about the factors that determine a pearl’s value and the different kinds of pearls and strands, and you’ll be sure to know how to pick the perfect one for you.

How to Purchase the Perfect Flat Screen TV

Technology is ever evolving, and along with it are the choices to be considered when you are planning to purchase electronics—televisions included. One of the most daunting tasks can be comparing and contrasting the available models and features to make the right choice. Now with more options than ever, TVs can be very confusing. Here we take a look at what the market has to offer these days so you can make an informed decision and find the right TV for your needs.

How to Buy the Perfect Engagement Ring!

You’ve decided that she’s the one. And now it’s time to let her know. Buying an engagement ring can be an overwhelming task. There’s no shortage of pressure on you to make it perfect. This ring is a symbol of your love for your chosen one, and she’s going to want to show it off to friends, family, and coworkers. But how do you choose the right ring? With so many options to consider (the band, the setting, the actual stone), where do you start? Following these guidelines can help you in your quest for the perfect ring.

Send the Kids Back to School in Style: 5 Must-Haves to Start the School Year

Summer is winding down, and the start of another school year is just around the corner. That means back-to-school shopping is in full swing! Check out the cool trends for the 2012 season with the following picks, and send everyone back to class in style!

Great Gift Ideas for Your Graduate

With summer quickly approaching, it’s graduation time for high schools and colleges. Graduation is a big milestone in life, marking the end of one part of a life journey and the start of another. It’s a time to celebrate accomplishments and a time to be proud, whether as a parent, friend, sibling, or graduate yourself! Graduation gifts come in all shapes and sizes, and they can have many different meanings to the graduate, from practical and useful to deeply meaningful.

The Best New Jeans

Look around. Jean fashion is changing. Flipping the channel, you’ll notice the infomercial on this strange new phenomenon—pajama jeans. It isn’t about Levi’s anymore ladies, it’s about the skinny stretch.