Interview with Susan Bennett: The Woman Behind the Voice of Siri

Susan C. Bennett

Mike Morin interviews Vermont born Susan Bennett, the woman behind the voice of personal assistant Siri on Apple iPhones.

Crossing Cultures; The Owen and Wagner Collection of Contemporary Aboriginal Australian Art at the Hood Museum of Art

A Review: Crossing Cultures: The Owen and Wagner Collection of Contemporary Aboriginal Australian Art at the Hood Museum of Art

The Hood Museum, a gem of art and history nestled right in the heart of the Dartmouth College campus, is well known for its focus on international and cultural art. The Crossing Cultures exhibit, at the Hood from September 15 through March 10, displays the works of modern Aboriginal artists from all walks of life. In spite of the period of colonialism in Australia from 1788 to 1901, a period when foreigners ignored Aboriginal customs and their significance, Aboriginal artwork is enlightening Western society more than two centuries later.

Home on the Hilltop: Kimball Union Academy Celebrates 200 Years!

Kimball Union Academy

Aside from the United States of America and Harvard University, not many institutions can claim to have thrived for at least two centuries, but very soon, Kimball Union Academy will be added to that exclusive list. Located in Meriden Village, New Hampshire, KUA is a private coed boarding and day school, 316 students strong. As its bicentennial year dawns, the Kimball Union community celebrates its rich history, lively present, and promising future.

Market Day: A Visit to 6 Local Farm Stands

A Market a Day: A visit to 6 Local Farm Stands

As summer draws to a close, the harvest is just beginning. Brussels sprouts, cantaloupes, sweet corn, berries of every color, and new apples are now starting to pile up at local farm stands and markets. And if one basketful a week is not enough fresh produce for you, don’t fret! You can get your farmers’ market fix every day of the week without venturing too far from home

Send the Kids Back to School in Style: 5 Must-Haves to Start the School Year

Send the Kids Back to School in Style: 5 Must-Haves to Start the School Year

Summer is winding down, and the start of another school year is just around the corner. That means back-to-school shopping is in full swing! Check out the cool trends for the 2012 season with the following picks, and send everyone back to class in style!

The Prouty Race: You Can Make a Difference

The Prouty

The Prouty, a biking, walking, rowing, and volunteering event, celebrates its 31st year this July—bigger than ever. The event began when four brave women biked 100 miles of rugged White Mountain trails in honor of their patient and friend, Audrey Prouty, who was fighting a grueling battle against ovarian cancer. The ride was planned in [...]

Remembering Hanover: A Celebration of 250 Years

Remembering Hanover

Founded in 1761 and located in the beautiful Upper Valley in western New Hampshire, the town of Hanover celebrated its 250th anniversary in 2011 with three months of events, activities, and entertainment. The commemoration for this historic occasion was organized by co-chairs Bill Young and Julia Griffin. We were able to catch up with Bill to take a look back at the event itself, as well as all that went into making it happen.

Great Gift Ideas for Your Graduate


With summer quickly approaching, it’s graduation time for high schools and colleges. Graduation is a big milestone in life, marking the end of one part of a life journey and the start of another. It’s a time to celebrate accomplishments and a time to be proud, whether as a parent, friend, sibling, or graduate yourself! Graduation gifts come in all shapes and sizes, and they can have many different meanings to the graduate, from practical and useful to deeply meaningful.

Lou’s: A Hanover Tradition Since 1947

Lou's Restaurant and Bakery

A couple years after World War II, Lou Bressett, a recently discharged Marine, opened Lou’s Restaurant on Main Street in Hanover, New Hampshire. Lou’s met with great success, and over the years it has remained a Hanover tradition because of its delectable dishes, great prices, and welcoming atmosphere. We caught up with current co-owner, Pattie Fried, to find out what makes Lou’s such a local staple.

The Kentucky Derby and Cinco de Mayo: Throw a Great Theme Party to Celebrate

Cinco de Mayo

As April draws to a close, May flowers are not the only thing we have to look forward to. May also brings a couple of events worth celebrating—Cinco de Mayo and the Kentucky Derby—which fall on the same day this year, the fifth of May. Both occasions offer the perfect opportunity to bring friends and family together for a fun theme party and an all-around good time.



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