Flu Season is Coming! Protect Yourself By Getting A Flu Shot

Flu Shots

It’s that time of year again—flu season is here. There are several precautions you can take to significantly reduce your risk of getting it. The one at the top of the list? Get a flu shot! A number of places in the Upper Valley are offering flu vaccine shots now. Don’t wait too long to get yours. Check out the schedules below.

E-Cigarettes: More People are Making the Switch

E-Cigarettes: More People are Making the Switch

E-cigarettes can be a good, possibly safer (although the jury is still out) alternative to smoking regular cigarettes, as well as a way to help you quit smoking. Basically, they all work the same way: The user inhales through a mouthpiece that triggers a sensor, which turns on a battery-powered heater that vaporizes liquid nicotine (various levels depending on the cartridge) and a compound that creates a type of vapor smoke for effect. There are many different types on the market. Read on for more information about the types of electronic cigarettes and to see if one might be right for you.



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