5 Ways to Stimulate Your Mind and Ward Off Alzheimers

5 Ways to Stimulate Your Mind and Ward Off Alzheimers

Prior studies have suggested that people who stay mentally active build up brain reserves that help them stay sharp. Developing brain-stimulating habits early enough in life may even prevent harmful plaques from forming. Incorporate these five healthy habits into your life to ward off Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of cognitive decline.

Yoga: Which Type Is Right for You?


Today, yoga is practiced for a wide variety of reasons: to improve overall well-being—physically, emotionally, and spiritually, to decrease stress level, to improve concentration, and as a complementary healing therapy for various medical conditions, as well as conditioning and cross-training for athletes with the goals of increasing strength, flexibility, and stamina.

Protect Your Vision

January is National Eye Care Month During the first month of the new year, take time to learn some eye health information that’s commonly overlooked. There are simple ways you can help protect your eyes and take care of your vision. Coastal.com , the world’s leading online retailer of vision care products, offers crucial tips [...]