Attract Prospective Home Buyers By Improving Your Curb Appeal


Prospective buyers often make the decision to view a home based on exterior photographs on a Realtor’s website or a quick drive-by. A welcoming homescape makes a powerful, appealing first impression. Enhancing key landscape elements such as walkways and entrance ways adds enormous appeal as does cleaning up your backyard which is often an important outdoor living space for families to relax, play ball, and barbecue. So before putting your home on the market, review your landscape for these curb appeal detractors and improvers.

Bring Your Landscape to Peak Condition with These Summer Care Tips


Your lawn and gardens need special care to keep them healthy and beautiful throughout the summer. Follow these tips to bring your landscape to peak condition and keep it there.

Find Your Green Thumb: Tips to Improve Your Garden This Spring

Find Your Green Thumb

As spring makes way for summer, and we all start spending more time outdoors, many people are excited to get back into their gardens. Whether these are vegetable gardens or flower gardens, whether you are a seasoned gardener or trying out gardening for the first time, here are seven tips to improve your experience and keep your plants at their happiest.

Perennial Power

Divide And Multiply! Share Your Perennials With Friends For more blooms and healthier plants next spring, rejuvenate your garden now by dividing perennials. When blooms have decreased, plants are growing in big clumps with a “donut hole” in the middle, or invading their neighbors’ space, it’s time. Clipping foliage first makes dividing perennials easier. For [...]



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