Opening Day at Billings Farm

Opening Day at Billings Farm

Billings Farm, a well-preserved microcosm of Vermont’s past, a look at its present, and a peak into its future, has been charming visitors for more than three decades. Part farm, part museum, and wholly natural, Billings Farm offers a glimpse of 19th century farm life. This year the farm will celebrate its 32nd anniversary. Come and enjoy the festivities!

When You Can’t Have a Pet: How Animal Lovers Can Still Spend Time With Furry Friends

When You Can't Have a Pet: How Animal Lovers Can Still Spend Time With Furry Friends

Numerous studies have shown that having a pet improves your health. You gain both physical and emotional benefits, including exercise, increased allergen tolerance and lowered stress levels plus, everybody knows that animals just put us in a better mood. They don’t care that you left the house 12 hours ago, didn’t make that important deadline at work or forgot to return a phone call. All they care about is that you are here, now, in this moment.

Bark in the Park 2013

Bark in the Park

Upper Valley families and their dogs will enjoy Food, Games, Dog Competitions, Canine Demonstrations, Exhibitor Tables, Face Painting, Balloons, Kid’s Races; a Silent Auction including Animal Cakes.

A Wild Ride: The History of Dogsledding

A Wild Ride: The History of Dogsledding

Perhaps you’ve seen Hollywood’s depictions of epic dogsledding rides across snowy terrain in Eight Below or Snow Buddies. But do you know the true history of this ancient human activity? Beyond the thrill of bouncing across snow-covered slopes on a fur-lined sled is the original function of dogsledding: the sole means of transportation, and sometimes survival, in the coldest places on Earth.

Winter Cats

Winter Cats

Even for cats who normally savor the adventure of being outdoors, icy ground and single-digit temperatures generally dissuade all but the most-avid feline hunters. Inside, it’s warm and cozy. Cats adapt to indoor life by creating pastimes. A popular one is puppeteering you, the owner (who owns whom?) to present the “right” food. “Hmm. Tuna, chicken, salmon, rabbit, or liver?” “Shredded paté on dry kibble, please.” Cats in winter work up their appetites climbing screens, mauling pillows, cruising the kitchen counter for crumbs, and launching sneak attacks on your heels as you search for a midnight glass of water. It’s all in the hunt.

Tips to Make Sure Your Pets Have a Happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Pet Tips

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, perfectly centered in the heart of autumn. Roasting platters, crackling fire, the promise of snow, gatherings with family and friends. Our pets love the bonus time with their family, and join in the excitement of the season. Let’s help them enjoy!

Enjoying the Autumn Woods

Blaze Vest

Fall is a wonderful time of year. The woods are spectacular, with beautiful light reflecting through autumn leaves. Running and playing in the woods with our kids and dogs, making leaf piles and having leaf fights: Autumn is really a fun time for families to be outside. Fall is also the time of year when many take to the woods for more solitary pursuits, chasing woodcock and grouse, or hunting deer. Follow these safety tips to keep you family and dogs safe during hunting season.

Keeping Pets Safe in the Summer Heat

Keeping Pets Safe in the Summer Heat

Summer is the perfect time to enjoy the great outdoors with our furry friends. But high temperatures and some summer activities can be dangerous for pets. The most common hot weather hazards include dehydration, heatstroke, and sunburn—all preventable. Take simple precautions to protect your best friend from these hazards, and keep pets safe while enjoying all that summer has to offer with them.

5 Tips on Traveling with Your Pet: Keeping Your Best Friend Comfortable on a Long Trip

Travelling with Animals

If you’re planning a longer journey, don’t assume that your pet will be a model traveler. Take into account the needs of your pet, and train him or her how to behave during the trip. While traveling can be stressful for both owners and pets, careful preparation can reduce stress levels for all and guarantee a safe and comfortable trip for your best friend.

Taking Good Care of Your Pets: The Benefits of Natural Foods


It’s important to keep a close eye on what you feed your pets, especially in light of all the recent pet-food recalls. If you are reconsidering your pet’s care plan, learn about how changing his or her diet may influence a pet’s health.



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