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Social Media Takes Over: What Separates One Site from Another

Social media has taken the world by storm. Each social media platform has different strengths and weaknesses, pros and cons, expectations, limitations, and potential. Existing sites are constantly evolving, while new sites are cropping up constantly. Social media provides tools that can connect you to many different audiences. Knowing what each platform can provide and how they differ from one another can give you a better understanding of which site is right for your goals and interests. For instance, businesses these days benefit greatly from a social media presence in terms of marketing and helping get their brand out there. Staying in touch with far-off family members and reconnecting with long-lost friends is another way to use social media to your benefit. Social media sites also provide a platform for quick news updates and information sharing. Here is a breakdown of some of the different types of social media and descriptions of the various sites available.

The Evolution of Stemware: How the Trends Have Changed

Crystal stemware is one of the loveliest elements of any holiday table; everyone¬ enjoys its soft glint, especially in candlelight. Stemware is a must-have for any special celebration, as it lends an air of elegance to your table. If you drink wine, you know that your choice of glasses and their various shapes has an impact on wine’s taste, bouquet, and clarity. Stemware is used not only for wine but also for many other uses, but that’s a subject for another day. For now, here’s some information on the evolution of stemware and how the trends have changed.

Five Minute Healthy Breakfasts

You know the morning chaos routine—organize the carpool, pack lunches, walk Fido, get everyone including yourself out the door on time . . . and eat a nutritionally balanced breakfast. What? That last one didn’t make the cut? For many reasons, a good breakfast (the most important meal of the day, according to most sources) doesn’t always fit into our busy lifestyles. But it’s easier than you think to start your day off right. With these premade or practically effortless breakfasts, you can fuel up blissfully for your busy day with a healthy jolt of energy, even amidst the madness.

Having Fun at Home During February Vacation

The new year is flying by! We’re already halfway through February, and here in New England, that means February school vacation for the kids. Some folks take time off from work and head up to the mountains for a ski getaway with the family, while others fly south to soak up some sunshine. Still others stay home to veg out and relax. If you’re planning on being home this year for February vacation, there are plenty of ways to enjoy the company of your kids. Check out these ideas.

The Best Winter Getaways

With winter in full swing, by mid February we all start to get a little stir crazy. Cold temperatures and snow, windy days, and treacherous driving conditions combine forces to keep us indoors, sometimes even on weekends. Aside from skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing, and ice skating to lure us outdoors and keep us active this season, there are plenty of other options for fun getaways, many right in our backyard. What are some of your options? Read on to find out.

Best Cell Phones for Different Age Groups

According to the Pew Research Center, most Americans own cell phones. No longer the technology of the future, these devices have become commonplace in the space of a few years. Older people spent much of their lives without cell phones, while most youngsters today have never known a world where they were not omnipresent. The nature of cell phone usage is therefore strongly connected to the ages of those using them. Below are our recommendations for different user age ranges.

The Top Grossing Valentines Gifts

Valentine’s Day is the second-most celebrated holiday worldwide, taking the number 2 spot after New Year’s Day. Originally, it was a feast day in honor of Saint Valentine, who was rumored to have been a martyr for love. Nearly a thousand years later in the 19th century, this day become popular for exchanging handwritten notes between loved ones. From there, it developed into the commercialized Hallmark holiday we know (and love?) today. Last year, Americans spent about $17.6 billion on Valentine’s Day, making it the second-highest grossing holiday—Christmas takes the top spot. Who is spending all that money, and what are they buying? Let’s take a look.

Winter at Dartmouth:The History of Winter Carnival

Dartmouth’s Annual Winter Carnival is a college, community, and regional event not to be missed! Spanning four days (this year from Thursday, February 7 to Sunday, February 10), its many festivities are artfully planned to feature well-loved Dartmouth traditions and new events alike.