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Skating and Skiing Around Town: The Best Places to Ice-Skate and Cross-Country Ski in the Upper Valley

Idyllic New Hampshire and Vermont are dreams come true for winter sports enthusiasts. Whether you have been enjoying these activities for ten years or ten days, there is a venue for you.

How to Throw The Best New Year’s Eve Party: 5 Key Essentials

Hosting a New Year’s Eve party will not only save you and your friends money but also offer a level of intimacy that a bar or restaurant can’t provide. Read on for five necessities for throwing the best New Year’s Eve party ever, plus some recommendations to keep it easy on the wallet.

Holiday Travel: 5 Tips for Smooth Traveling with Kids

Traveling during the holidays, whether to visit family, take a ski holiday, or seek some sunshine, is never easy. Winter weather can throw a curveball at you, as can unanticipated traffic and flight delays. With millions of Americans on the road this season, adding kids to the mix might be enough to make you want to stay put instead. But with careful planning and the right attitude, you can keep your kids happy and yourself calm on your way to your destination. Check out these tips to help make traveling with little ones easier.

Good Enough to Eat: A Gingerbread House for the Generations

A long-standing tradition of the Hanover Inn, the annual handmade and hand-decorated gingerbread house stands in the center of the lobby—a main attraction for Hanover’s holiday festivities.The pastry chefs of the Hanover Inn bakeshop work on this project for nearly two months before the house is ready to be displayed at the Inn. Each year, the process is not only labor intensive but also a creative undertaking, as each house is unique in design.

Family Traditions: The Top 5 Most Served Holiday Meals

Every family has special dishes that celebrate tradition; the top five, most-often served holiday meals are turkey, ham, Cornish game hen, leg of lamb, and pork roast. With these classic favorites in mind, here are several menu ideas to help you start creating new holiday dinner traditions of your own.

The Top 5 Gifts for 2012: Make the Holiday Extra-Special with These Gifts

The holiday shopping season started with Black Friday, and it’s now in full swing. If you didn’t get out for the biggest shopping day of the year, don’t fret! There’s still plenty of time to find the perfect presents for the special people in your life. And that doesn’t necessarily mean braving the crowds at the mall. Here are five of the most wished-for gifts this year, available online!

The Best Store-Bought Pizzas: A Side-by-Side Comparison

There are times when you just don’t feel like cooking. Whether it’s been a really long day at work or a really late night on the weekend, sometimes you need something quick and easy. These days, some frozen pizzas can rival those found at restaurants. Even if they don’t always measure up, store-bought pizzas are usually much less costly than their restaurant counterparts. And if you’re feeding a larger family, that makes all the difference. But the last thing you want is to be disappointed by a cardboard-textured, sub-par pizza. Here is a side-by-side comparison of some of the top sellers to help you decide which one should make the cut for your quick and easy store-bought pizza night.