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12 Days of Christmas Songs: From Classics to Newbies, Here’s 12 Songs to Add to Your Playlist

Now that we’ve had our fill of turkey, stuffing, and pumpkin pie, it’s officially that most wonderful time of the year—Christmas-music-on-the-radio season! Anything before Thanksgiving is sacrilegious, but as we head into the holiday season, we can now indulge our deepest desire—to listen to Christmas music 24/7—without feeling guilty. And for those of us who have been making our Christmas playlists since September, here are a few more to include as you rock around the Christmas tree. Happy caroling!

The Top 5 Most Memorable Holiday Commercials

The best holiday commercials hit a soft spot and tug at your heartstrings. Even Scrooge is vulnerable to emotional manipulation during the holidays, and certain commercials, whether they are humorous, sentimental, or serious, just have a way of grabbing hold. Putting together a list of the top 5 most memorable holiday commercials is tricky, but somehow a list appeared, and well, here it is, in no particular order.

How to Decorate the Perfect Thanksgiving Table

So you’ve decided to host Thanksgiving dinner this year. You’ll want to make it special, of course. A beautifully set table makes any meal more spectacular. Create a memorable holiday dinner by decorating your table with autumn-themed hues and accessories. Here are some easy, economical ideas to set the stage for your delicious Thanksgiving dinner.

Tips to Make Sure Your Pets Have a Happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, perfectly centered in the heart of autumn. Roasting platters, crackling fire, the promise of snow, gatherings with family and friends. Our pets love the bonus time with their family, and join in the excitement of the season. Let’s help them enjoy!

5 Tips for Keeping Off Extra Pounds This Holiday Season

The holidays are all about family, friends, and festivities. All the get-togethers and parties come with a familiar struggle: you resolve not to gain weight during the holidays only to be faced with tasty hors d’oeuvres, traditional treats, and banquet-size potlucks and buffets at every turn. The focus is definitely on feasting. Starting with Halloween and ending with New Year’s (or for some of us, the Super Bowl), the calories add up quickly and the result is weight gain that we resolve to lose, with or without success, before swimsuit season. Putting on the holiday pounds is preventable, and you can still enjoy the festivities. Just follow our five tips below!

Hockey Moms and Dads: The Unsung Heroes

It’s the wee hours of the morning, still no trace of the dawn’s early light on the horizon, and the icy air cuts through the coats and mittens of the drivers pulling up to the ice rink. These are the hockey moms and dads—the unsung heroes in any family with a young hockey player—who are out there when the rest of us are still snuggled under layers of quilts, making sure the kids are on time for their teams. Odd hours, cold rinks, and sweaty clothes in the back seat of the car are common among the unwavering parent-cheerleaders.

Enjoying the Autumn Woods

Fall is a wonderful time of year. The woods are spectacular, with beautiful light reflecting through autumn leaves. Running and playing in the woods with our kids and dogs, making leaf piles and having leaf fights: Autumn is really a fun time for families to be outside. Fall is also the time of year when many take to the woods for more solitary pursuits, chasing woodcock and grouse, or hunting deer. Follow these safety tips to keep you family and dogs safe during hunting season.

5 Ways to Make Extra Money This Holiday Season

As we approach the holiday season, stores get crowded with shoppers on missions for the perfect gifts for their loved ones. It’s easy and tempting to break out the credit cards and worry about the extra money we’re spending later as we check off each item on our lists. When possible, planning ahead for holiday gift shopping is the best way to go. In the current economy, though, budgeting may be too tight to save extra money beforehand. Another option is to earn extra money this season. Here are five easy ways to make your holiday shopping less stressful on your pocketbook.

Crossing Cultures; The Owen and Wagner Collection of Contemporary Aboriginal Australian Art at the Hood Museum of Art

The Hood Museum, a gem of art and history nestled right in the heart of the Dartmouth College campus, is well known for its focus on international and cultural art. The Crossing Cultures exhibit, at the Hood from September 15 through March 10, displays the works of modern Aboriginal artists from all walks of life. In spite of the period of colonialism in Australia from 1788 to 1901, a period when foreigners ignored Aboriginal customs and their significance, Aboriginal artwork is enlightening Western society more than two centuries later.

How to Make Perfect Hot Chocolate

When the weather makes you want to cuddle up by the fireplace, what better accompaniment is there than a steaming mug of hot chocolate? While it’s not quite wintertime yet, the dropping temperatures are sure to make you want to cozy up with your loved ones and enjoy a cup of heaven. It’s easy to grab a box of Swiss Miss and mix up instant hot chocolate with some milk or water, but it’s just not the same as making it from scratch. Nothing compares to the warm, thick creaminess that comes with each sip. Here is how you can make the perfect cup of hot chocolate, complete with a few variations to tickle your taste buds.