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How to Buy the Perfect Engagement Ring!

You’ve decided that she’s the one. And now it’s time to let her know. Buying an engagement ring can be an overwhelming task. There’s no shortage of pressure on you to make it perfect. This ring is a symbol of your love for your chosen one, and she’s going to want to show it off to friends, family, and coworkers. But how do you choose the right ring? With so many options to consider (the band, the setting, the actual stone), where do you start? Following these guidelines can help you in your quest for the perfect ring.

Great Coffee Shops: 5 Cafés We Love

Most Americans can’t start the day without a good cup of joe in their systems. We’re as obsessed with coffee as we are with football and the Kardashians. Coffee shops have been around for years, and many more are popping up across the country. Most of them started out as small neighborhood shops that grew into large chains, but some are local standouts that beat the big-time competition. Check out our list of five of our favorite coffee shops; does yours make the cut?

Home on the Hilltop: Kimball Union Academy Celebrates 200 Years!

Aside from the United States of America and Harvard University, not many institutions can claim to have thrived for at least two centuries, but very soon, Kimball Union Academy will be added to that exclusive list. Located in Meriden Village, New Hampshire, KUA is a private coed boarding and day school, 316 students strong. As its bicentennial year dawns, the Kimball Union community celebrates its rich history, lively present, and promising future.

Delecious Holiday Desserts

Enjoy these recipes for chocolate drop cookies and ice spiced cake. Continued from page 80.

The Boston Celtics Are Back! Predictions for the 2012–13 Season

No NBA team in recent memory coming off a Conference Finals appearance has undergone perhaps as dramatic a retooling as the Boston Celtics have this off-season. While the leadership core has, for the most part, remained intact, it will be the supporting cast that will largely determine if the Celtics can improve on last season’s performance in 2012–13.

Child Safety Tips: Keep Your Kids Safe This Halloween

With the end of October approaching, Halloween and trick-or-treating are nearly upon us. When it comes to preventing injury and keeping your kids safe on Halloween, repeated and consistent teaching is the key to a happy holiday. Parents may be placing their children at risk by not talking to them about safety. While they’ve likely heard the drill before, it pays to repeat it every year. This month, take the time to review safe behaviors with your kids before they head out trick-or-treating. Follow these tips and you and your little ghosts and goblins will have a stress-free, fun-filled Halloween!

How to Carve the Perfect Pumpkin

Fall has officially begun, bringing with it hot apple cider, hayrides, and pumpkin carving. To find a great pumpkin this season, head to your favorite pumpkin patch and look for Connecticut Field, Howden, and Baby Bear pumpkins (they’re best for carving). Choose a pumpkin that’s symmetrical enough to rest squarely on a flat surface. Pass over any with bruises, cracks, or broken stems—they tend to go bad more quickly. Plan on waiting to carve your pumpkin until a day or two before Halloween. Once they have been carved, pumpkins have short shelf lives. And if the temperature is going to drop below freezing, bring your jack-o’-lantern indoors for the night. Now that you’ve picked a great pumpkin, check out these tips for easy carving!

Fun Fall Activities to do with the Family

Dig out the jackets and gloves, and enjoy all that the season has to offer. Autumn brings not only breathtaking foliage and chilly mornings but also many activities for families to do together. Embrace the change in season with a visit to one of the farms or venues here. Then enjoy a few of our “at home” things to do. They all spell family fun this fall!

The Best Spots to Check out the Fall Foliage

Autumn in New England means blazing red, shining gold, and burnt-orange leaves that cover trees and crunch underfoot. Of course, it also means hot, spicy apple cider, a trip through the pumpkin patch, and apple picking! But I digress . . . whether you’re a professional leaf peeper or just a casual enthusiast, there are lots of very special places and ways to take in the splendor of this season.

How to Create the Best Tailgate for the Big Game

The best football game experience is more than just the game—it’s the whole day! Tailgating is a must. Tailgates build community support and bring people together to celebrate football, food, and fun. Creating the perfect tailgate isn’t difficult; you just need some good friends, lots of food, and a whole lot of fun. Here are a few “musts” for creating the best tailgate for the big game.