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Heirloom Apples: Poverty Lane Orchards Shares What Makes Them Unique and Delicious

Apples have started rolling in by the peck at Poverty Lane Orchards in Lebanon, NH. Family owned and maintained, these orchards grow not only the classic varieties like Cortland, Macintosh, and Gala but also lesser known, equally flavorful “heirloom” apples. I asked Louisa Spencer, wife of owner Steve Wood, what heirloom really means when it comes to fruit.

Why the Charter School Movement Is Sweeping New Hampshire

Charter schools have been defined loosely as institutions for schooling that are supported with public funding and offer tuition-free enrollment. In addition, they may have rules, requirements, and principles that differ from those of public schools, providing they maintain certain levels of academic excellence among their students. Charter schools often focus on a specific subject or trade, such as mathematics or cosmetology. While some people compare charter schools to vocational schools, the connections only partially apply, as vocational schools follow the same rules and regulations as public school institutions.

The Top 5 New TV Series You Won’t Want to Miss!

Along with crisp, cool days and beautiful foliage for all the leaf peepers out there, fall brings a crop of long-awaited new television series. Lots of new comedies and dramas are set to launch within the next couple of weeks, some starring actors you know and love, and some featuring folks you may not have seen in awhile. Here is a sampling of this fall’s new series that you’ll definitely want to watch.

5 Ways to Stimulate Your Mind and Ward Off Alzheimers

Prior studies have suggested that people who stay mentally active build up brain reserves that help them stay sharp. Developing brain-stimulating habits early enough in life may even prevent harmful plaques from forming. Incorporate these five healthy habits into your life to ward off Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of cognitive decline.

How to Stay Energized: The Top 5 Energy Drinks

These days, when people are often forced to work longer and harder to pay their bills, the demand for energy is high. While there are a variety of options for obtaining an extra boost of energy, the most common method seems to be found in the energy drink market. Here are the top 5 energy drinks out there (in no particular order), taking into account both taste and the boost they provide.

The Top 5 Apps You Must Have on Your Phone

These days, there are many smartphones on the market and an abundance of apps to choose from to enhance your experience. It can be difficult to decide which apps to download, and it’s all too easy to end up with a cluttered home screen full of apps you don’t use. We figured we’d help you out with a review of the top apps that can help you stay organized, healthy, happy, and connected to friends and family. And the best part is they’re all free!

3 Guys Basement BBQ: A Review of the Best Dishes You Have to Try

Are you craving some finger-lickin’ BBQ? Look no farther than down the street at 3 Guys Basement BBQ. Opened in April of this year, the 5 South Main Street, Hanover, restaurant is already a hit with Dartmouth students, local families, and hungry Appalachian Trail hikers alike. And for good reason! All the food is homemade by BBQ professionals. My dad and I visited with big appetites, searching for some true Southern flavor. And boy, were we in for some tingling taste buds!

Super Bowl Predictions: Are the Patriots Poised to Make Another Run?

With a redesigned offense and an upgraded defense, the Patriots look like a strong Super Bowl contender entering the 2012 season. At 13 and 3, the Patriots had the best record in the AFC last year but came up just short in Super Bowl XLVI against the New York Giants. Nevertheless, as the Patriots look ahead to the 2012 season, they have to feel optimistic playing in a weak AFC East division and with a favorable non-division schedule.