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How to Choose a Laptop: A Guide to Buying Your Next Computer

The process of choosing the right model for your needs can take some serious time and research. It seems that no common computer product has as many variations, with as wide a performance range, as the modern laptop. From powerful desktop-replacement systems to tiny netbooks, the differences in features, prices, and performance are astonishing. It’s best to start by deciding which category of laptop you’re most interested in—netbooks, ultraportables, all-purpose laptops, or desktop replacements.

Unique and Scenic; The Upper Valley Has Many Charms

Each town in the Upper Valley has its own unique charms and each is worthy of a visit. In fact, if you love to explore the road less traveled, there’s no better place to start than in this pastoral area of New England.To whet your appetite, here are a few facts and highlights about several of these towns.

Market Day: A Visit to 6 Local Farm Stands

As summer draws to a close, the harvest is just beginning. Brussels sprouts, cantaloupes, sweet corn, berries of every color, and new apples are now starting to pile up at local farm stands and markets. And if one basketful a week is not enough fresh produce for you, don’t fret! You can get your farmers’ market fix every day of the week without venturing too far from home

Send the Kids Back to School in Style: 5 Must-Haves to Start the School Year

Summer is winding down, and the start of another school year is just around the corner. That means back-to-school shopping is in full swing! Check out the cool trends for the 2012 season with the following picks, and send everyone back to class in style!

Kings of the Grill: Why Men Are So Territorial

Men often cede cooking responsibilities to the women in their lives. But as Labor Day approaches, men’s interests in marinades vs. dry rubs and achieving the perfect sear on a steak approaches an obsession. A man may spend hours researching the advantages of cherry-wood chips over mesquite, while he has no idea how to turn the oven on. Have these men been possessed by the spirit of Julia Child? Did they fall asleep watching Emeril or Bobby Flay and wake up with culinary desires subliminally implanted? What inspires men with no apparent interest in the culinary arts to embark on the quest for the golden grill?

The World’s Most Stylish Cars: The Top 5 That Still Rock After 50 Years!

When you think of the “most stylish cars,” you might consider some of the most exotic-looking new cars available to those with deep pockets. But who can pinpoint exactly what makes a car stylish? A stylish car is not necessarily the best-looking car of its day (or year), but one whose magnificence stands the test of time. And stylishness isn’t exclusively about design or performance—it’s also the sum of so many intangibles that the best we can say is, well, we know it when we see it.

Give Back to the Community: How to Donate Your Old Books

I love to read. And like other book lovers, I tend to accumulate books. My collection piles up every so often and takes over my bookshelves, then oozes onto side tables, the coffee table, and—next stop—the floor. That’s when I take an afternoon to go through my books and give back to the community by donating them to a worthy cause. Here are some places to donate those gently used books and give back to your community while decluttering your space.

The Best Ice Cream in the Upper Valley

As August rolls in, so does that sudden craving for a cool, creamy cone on a hot afternoon. My sister Stephi and I set out to discover the most delicious dairy desserts in the Upper Valley, trying everything from good old soft-serve classics to exotic flavors of Sicilian gelato. Here are our reviews and recommendations.

Picking the Right Running Shoe: 5 Suggestions for a Comfortable Run

The most important thing for a runner is taking good care of his or her legs and feet. Preventing foot and leg pain and injury begins with the right pair of running shoes. No shoe is perfect for every runner because each runner is biomechanically different. Shopping for the right running shoes takes time and patience. Visit a local running store and let them analyze your gait. Their experts will then be able to recommend a shoe that will work best for you. Here is a sampling of some of the top running shoes on the market now, but remember, it is important to “test drive” a shoe before buying because my top pick may not necessarily be the same as yours. Take a quick run around the store to test the fit, function, and comfort before you make your purchase.