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Start a New Tradition: Take the Family Boating on the Connecticut River

If you’re looking for a fun way to spend an afternoon with your family, consider renting a pontoon boat from the Chieftain Inn. Pack a couple coolers with your favorite foods and beverages, put on your swim suit and get ready for a fun-filled afternoon. Here are 7 memorable activities to enjoy out on the river.

Keeping Pets Safe in the Summer Heat

Summer is the perfect time to enjoy the great outdoors with our furry friends. But high temperatures and some summer activities can be dangerous for pets. The most common hot weather hazards include dehydration, heatstroke, and sunburn—all preventable. Take simple precautions to protect your best friend from these hazards, and keep pets safe while enjoying all that summer has to offer with them.

Praise for Foreign Tastes: 6 Ways to Better Enjoy Your Food

As a whole, Europeans invest more thought and preparation in their meals than we do in the United States, with our ubiquitous fast food and microwaveable meals. Europeans enjoy meals, viewing them as pleasurable, relaxing respites from their busy days. They dine. We Americans, by contrast, eat, often speeding through meals of prepackaged to-go food because it’s quick and easy. No wonder many Americans have become desensitized to bland, plastic-wrapped meals. That includes me. However, I am lucky enough to live in the Upper Valley, a region that celebrates healthy, local eating, not unlike they do in Europe. From my experiences abroad, I’ve realized that Europeans eat for the pure pleasure of the act. Here are six ways to incorporate the fine art of dining, European style, into your life.

5 Reasons to Watch the 2012 Summer Olympics

With the 2012 Summer Olympics just a week away, the world is buzzing with excitement! And for the first time ever, every Olympic event will be broadcast online by NBC’s website for live streaming through whatever device you have handy for viewing. If that isn’t reason enough to cheer Team USA on, here are a few extra-exciting events you won’t want to miss!

10 Summer Beers to Keep You Cool and Refreshed

For many, the perfect refreshment for a summer evening is an ice-cold brew. Good summer beers are typically light and crisp—and great for unwinding at the end of a long, hot day. Craft breweries have brought us more variety and quality in beers than ever before, so a light beer no longer means a flavorless beer. From hefeweizens and fruity beers to summer ales and brisk lagers, the choices are almost endless. Check out these 10 beer suggestions to stay refreshed whether you’re hanging out poolside, relaxing at the beach, or grilling on the backyard barbecue.

The Prouty Race: You Can Make a Difference

The Prouty, a biking, walking, rowing, and volunteering event, celebrates its 31st year this July—bigger than ever. The event began when four brave women biked 100 miles of rugged White Mountain trails in honor of their patient and friend, Audrey

5 Local Activities to Celebrate Summer

So far this season, we have been blessed with some beautiful weather. What better way to enjoy it than by taking part in local activities with family and friends. Make the most of warm summer evenings and picture-perfect weekends. Read on for fun and exciting activities—right here in the Upper Valley.

Remembering Hanover: A Celebration of 250 Years

Founded in 1761 and located in the beautiful Upper Valley in western New Hampshire, the town of Hanover celebrated its 250th anniversary in 2011 with three months of events, activities, and entertainment. The commemoration for this historic occasion was organized by co-chairs Bill Young and Julia Griffin. We were able to catch up with Bill to take a look back at the event itself, as well as all that went into making it happen.