Host A Halloween Party

Enjoy Halloween With Family Fun & Games We’ve all heard the jokes: you know you live in New Hampshire because . . . among other things, children need to buy extra-large Halloween costumes. Not because they are any bigger or beefier than the rest of the nation—our kids have to fit their costumes over their [...]

All-American Traditions: Football and Tailgating

Bringing Together Family And Friends College students were playing rugby and soccer long before the first intercollegiate match gave football its start. Pickup games were frequent and each school made up, and frequently changed, the rules. Dartmouth was famous for “old division football.” The game’s odd rules and melee-like play kept potential challengers at a [...]

Local Residents Invent Sanitary Tray Table Covers For A Germ-Free Flight

While airline meals may be a thing of the past, many carriers still offer a snack or a beverage. Today’s busy flight schedules often see planes leaving the gate within minutes of pulling in with the last load of passengers, which means there’s no time for cleaning. If eating from a tray others (who knows [...]

Back-To-School Lunches & Snacks

It’s Elementary! Nutrition Can Be Delicious. To get kids to consume those thoughtfully prepared lunches, remember the basics: keep cold foods cold and hot foods hot. Another one: kids like foods in small compartments or containers—think Bento-style lunch boxes. Kids love fruit, especially if it’s ABC (already been cut). Lemon juice keeps peeled and sliced [...]

Winter’s Coming! Be Prepared For A Long, Cold Season

Button up—winter’s coming! Make a list and head outside (while you still can). Clear leaves and vegetation from foundations, and seal cracks where critters can enter—mice need only a dime-sized door! Check sills for dry rot and pests, then trim branches hanging too close to the house. Good-bye lawnmower, hello snowblower. Drain the gas from [...]

Perennial Power

Divide And Multiply! Share Your Perennials With Friends For more blooms and healthier plants next spring, rejuvenate your garden now by dividing perennials. When blooms have decreased, plants are growing in big clumps with a “donut hole” in the middle, or invading their neighbors’ space, it’s time. Clipping foliage first makes dividing perennials easier. For [...]



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