Elliott Newman Raising Funds for Our Wounded Heroes

Elliott Newman Estate and Fine Jewelry is proud to introduce From Soldier to Soldier, an awareness and fundraising campaign supporting wounded veterans and their families. The campaign is based on the sales of a designer version of the survival and friendship bracelets worn by many U.S. and allied soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan. For every [...]

Mount Tom Road to the Pogue

Ladies, it is starting to emerge. It’s making its way from the depths of your closet, or in a drawer stuffed under your heavy wool winter socks. It’s your itsy-bitsy-teeny-weeny-yellow-polka-dot-bikini. Okay, so maybe you’re like me and you don’t own a bathing suit that matches this description because you’re not the subject of Paul Vance’s [...]

Simplify Your Life

Declutter. Although the cliché of “spring cleaning” is as common as cutting your hair after a breakup, think seriously about simplifying your life this spring. Reevaluate your things and discard, or recycle, the items you never use: the clothes you haven’t worn for years, the trinkets collecting dust. While being a packrat can be comforting, [...]

The Restorative Power of Juicing

It’s morning. You just opened your eyes and the only thing you can think of is coffee. Something—anything—to jumpstart your day. Instead of a caffeine jolt, consider taking a few extra minutes to juice in the morning. Juicing is a healthy alternative that will leave you surprisingly full of energy, without the caffeine crash of [...]


Shaq and Einstein Super-sized basketball star adores teeny horse by Kevin Gray Photo illustration by Jim Conrad My four-year-old daughter Ella Rose spent Halloween night dressed as Einstein and often carries around a stuffed animal resembling the world’s smallest stallion, which begins to describe just how popular this miniature horse has become. Born in Barnstead [...]

Spring Means Lilacs

For the Love of Lilacs Enjoy the sweet scent of spring You know them as the irresistible, aromatic bloom that you can’t help but clip a few clusters and bring inside, filling your house with their rich scent. In addition to their enticing perfume, lilac bushes are hardy plants that can live for hundreds of [...]

Defy Mud Season

With a delicious spring feast inspired by summer evenings in Morocco, Turkey, and Greece by Susan Nye You know its mud season when you’re more than a little tired of the snow. It’s not surprising. The beautiful white, fluffy stuff is long gone. The ski hill has closed. Spring showers are ever-so-slowly melting the piles [...]

Explore Paris

Experience the sights, sounds, and wonderful aromas by Lesley O’Malley Keyes Photos by Braxton Freeman Whether you decide to stay in a small, quaint B and B or one of many five-star hotels, there is only one way to start the day, in my opinion, and that is with a very French breakfast! Good coffee, [...]

Thief Screening at the Nugget Theater

Thief, the latest short film from Hanover native Julian Higgins, will be screened at the Nugget Theater in Hanover on Saturday, March 12 and Sunday, March 13 at 11am. There is no charge, although donations will be accepted to go toward helping defray the cost of submitting the film to festivals. Anyone who donates will [...]

Allechante of Norwich Comes to Hanover

Market Table to open in April “The Hanover Project,” a new restaurant and retail store that is the next step for the popular Allechante Bakery, Café, and Fine Foods Catering in Norwich, has a name! Market Table is set to open at 44 South Main Street in Hanover, New Hampshire, on April 22nd.



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