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Hanover Talks with David Cioffi

by Mark Dantos For nearly 30 years, David Cioffi was the public face of the Dartmouth Bookstore. With a background in corporate sales and management, Cioffi moved to Etna in 1972 and became the bookstore’s general manager soon after. When

Kids and Money

Five tips on teaching kids about money By Rachel Friedman In the coming decade, it won’t be enough to teach kids how to read and write. If they’re not financially literate, they’ll be lost. “It’s tough out there, and it

Fox More than a Mustard

by Stephen Morris Some people use the phrase “food with a face” to refer to food that comes from critters who have eyes, noses, and mouths. When Phyllis Fox says, “I’m all about food with a face,” however, she means

Grab Your Backpack

Find your perfect backpack Whether you’re sending your child back to school or venturing out for a day hike, the right backpack is essential. Check out some of our favorites—we’ve listed their full price, but be sure to shop around.