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Happy 10th Anniversary

WOODSTOCK MAGAZINE CELEBRATES BY E. SENTEIO As the world slid into the 21st century and people around the globe worried about what effect the year 2000 would have on computers—and therefore humankind—residents of Woodstock, Vermont, had a more auspicious and

Sustainable Choices for Flooring

Smart & Beautiful Floors If you’re building or remodeling this spring, there are more choices than ever before when it comes to sustainable, environmentally friendly products. Choices in flooring materials, for example, can help to preserve our forests and other

Outdoor Living Spaces

Make the living area outside your home as stylish as the inside The economy of the past few years has introduced the “staycation” trend, and this year, designers are eager to give homeowners more ways to make at-home leisure a

Composting: The Basics

Reduce your waste and nourish your garden Think twice before you toss those kitchen scraps in the trash! The same foods that nourish your body can also nourish your lawn and garden. Start a compost pile to create rich organic